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The 27th Day (1957)

Five individuals from five nations, including the "Superpowers," USA, USSR, and China, suddenly find themselves on an alien spacecraft. An alien gives each a container holding capsules. No ...

IMDB: 6.33 Likes

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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 75
  • IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 
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The Synopsis for The 27th Day (1957) 720p

Five individuals from five nations, including the "Superpowers," USA, USSR, and China, suddenly find themselves on an alien spacecraft. An alien gives each a container holding capsules. No power on earth can open a given container except a mental command from the person to whom it is given. Each person has been provided with the power of life and death. Any of these individuals has the capability to instantaneously launch the capsules to whatever coordinates he/she chooses, and each capsule will then eradicate all human life within a 3,000-mile radius of its designated location.

The Director and Players for The 27th Day (1957) 720p

[Director]William Asher
[Role:]George Voskovec
[Role:]Gene Barry
[Role:]Valerie French

The Reviews for The 27th Day (1957) 720p

Yes, a Hidden GEM!Reviewed byzdforme-1Vote: 9/10

The 27th Day was a REAL find for me as I saw it first many years ago and thanks to the Internet I was able to get a VHS Copy for my collection and I truly treasure it. I Love the Atmosphere in this Black & White Sci Fi Drama and though there really is no

" spectacular" special effects the story and the Characters make this a thrilling and quite entertaining movie. My HOPE is that this " Gem" gets released on DVD and they Digitally remaster it , add some extras and it will be a very nice addition to anyone's Classic Sci Fi Films of the 50's. If Anyone knows WHEN this Movie might get released to DVD I would love to know as the copy I have is not the best and I would love a Uncut, no commercial copy of THE 27th DAY !


Nicholas Krisfalusy

good ideas ruined by a self-serving endingReviewed bygrizzledgeezerVote: 4/10

This film is worth seeing -- up to the last five minutes.

Up to then, it's an excellent story about good questions -- if you could wipe out all of humanity, without damaging anything else -- would you? How would your enemies react? Is there any justification for ever killing anyone? The poster's claim that it took guts to make this film is not far-removed from the truth.

At least, up to the end. Unfortunately, the ending is an absurd, self-serving cop-out. At least one other reviewer reveals it, so be cautious about which reviews you read. If you have any intelligence, you're likely to scream and holler and jump up and down, crying "No! No! No! No! No!".

Good movie with a great ending.Reviewed bymarbleannVote: 7/10

I liked this movie. It was your typical lets see if human beings act like they have any sense if given the power to act otherwise because if they mess up the Aliens will destroy us movie. But what was different was the solution. What the alien really wanted us to do. And that is what puts this movie above the usual movies in this genre. What I didn't like is the cop out roles they gave the 2 females. I am not going to tell what they did but I was highly disappointed. Why even have the two females in the movie if they were going to do what they did. I guess they needed a love interest for Barry. The actor who played the evil Soviet was very good. He was very scary. Barry played his usual laid back self. Don't expect special effect. This is more of a morals story then a Sci Fi movie IMO.

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