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The Glory Guys (1965)

What could be worse for two cavalry officers than to battle with native tribes? To battle each other for the same woman.

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The Synopsis for The Glory Guys (1965) 720p

During the Sioux Wars, General Frederick McCabe's 3rd U. S. Cavalry Regiment is recruiting and training men for the upcoming campaign against the Sioux. Captain Demas Harrod is in charge of the D troop. He's also in-love with pretty Lou Woodard who lives in Mule City. Lou is engaged to Sol Rogers, chief of scouts under General McCabe. Lou doesn't seem to make up her mind regarding the man she really wants. She claims to be attracted to both men. This brings the two rivals into conflict that often times ends up into fist fights. At the fort, the training of men intensifies. After the graduation, the troopers get a well-deserved leave which they spend in nearby Mule City drinking heavily and causing disturbances. These disturbances prompt the town Marshal and his deputies to try to arrest the rowdy soldiers. A general fist-fight ensues, bringing Captain Harrod and chief of scouts Rogers together on the same side of the punch-up match. General McCabe participates in a commanders' ...

The Director and Players for The Glory Guys (1965) 720p

[Director]Arnold Laven
[Role:]Senta Berger
[Role:]Harve Presnell
[Role:]Tom Tryon

The Reviews for The Glory Guys (1965) 720p

Reviewed bySpikeopathVote: 6/10/10

The Glory Guys is directed by Arnold Laven and written by Sam Peckinpahwho adapts from the Hoffman Birney novel, The Dice of God. It stars TomTryon, Harve Presnell, Senta Berger, James Caan, Andrew Duggan, SlimPickens and Michael Anderson Jr. It's shot in Panavision with colour byDeluxe, with James Wong Howe the photographer, and music is scored byRiz Ortolani.

The Glory Guys are young recruits to the 3rd Regiment of the UnitedStates Cavalry, film follows them as they live and love thru theirinitial training and onwards to impending war with the Indians. They beat the mercy of a warmongering general, their passions and fate, cruelavoidable fate.

It's one of those War Westerns that cried out for some quality actorsto tell the tale. For the story is a great one, no doubt inspired bythe Custer legend from Battle of Little Big Horn, the scenery (Durango,Mexico) is first rate and the score is suitably perky and rousing: withthe title song tremendous in its power. There's even some terrificaction, especially for the major battle in the last quarter, where theuse of 100's of extras provides excitement as the bloody carnageconvincingly unfolds. But getting to that last third in the company ofwooden lead actors is not that easy to do, Pickens, Duggan and Caanaside (tho Caan's Irish accent fluctuates), the principal actors areunable to put real urgency into the drama. Laven's pacing isquestionable too, but the director comes out in credit because hisfinal flourish, the battle construction, really is worth the wait. Butone can't help wondering what Peckinpah in his pomp could have donewith his own script.

A very mixed bag when put under scrutiny, but with a glorious andpotent final third bringing it to closure, The Glory Guys is safelyrecommended to fans of the Custer legend, and indeed, fans of film'slike Major Dundee & Fort Apache. 6.5/10

Reviewed byMark MarconVote: 9/10/10

Great acting and based on the Custer debacle. Peckinpah does a greatjob with little blood and gore but great scenes of combat. I note thata viewer says he saw additional scenes so let me comment on that; I sawthe movie at the drive-in my first time and the version currently onvideo from MGM/UA is complete. TV versions cut out one specific scenefor extra commercials, the entire scene where the troop leaves the fortwith no weapons and suffers a simulated Indian attack, with Duggannearly strangling one acting Indian (about 12-15 min.)The only thingmissing is the widescreen version as the video is P&S. I also saw themovie in France, dubbed in French in widescreen and the many off-screenelements show that this movie needs a WS release. Of note is thehistorical accuracy of the weapons and uniforms. WIDESCREEN please!

Reviewed bydabumsterVote: 6/10/10

I cringed when the opening credits started and some horrible songinvaded my ear drums, but then things got better and I was pleasantlysurprised while watching this film in its widescreen version. Theacting was very good, the Calvary life on a dusty western post was welldepicted, and the direction, albeit cheesy in some of chivalry scenesbetween the two leading men and typical bar fights of the genre, waspretty good considering the simple and predictable plot line.

I think James Caan's part of Pvt. Anthony Dugan was well acted andgives us a hint to his impending stardom. Beautiful Senta Berger wasjust okay in her part of Lou Woddard but there wasn't much for her todo except officiate the battle between Tom Tryon and Harve Presnell forher hand. The other parts weren't that special either but what made thefilm play out well in my eyes was the appearance of authenticity of awestern Calvary company. From the initial gathering of a bunch of greentroops through their training and drilling, and complaining, to thefinal well oiled product that had at least a fighting chance ofsurvival in a big campaign against the Indians.

I would recommend this film for those who like westerns and give it 6.5stars out of 10.

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