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The Jayhawkers (1959) 1080p

Before the U.S. Civil War rebel leader Luke Darcy sees himself as leader of a new independent Republic of Kansas but the military governor sends an ex-raider to capture Darcy.

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The Synopsis for The Jayhawkers (1959) 1080p

Shortly before the start of the American Civil War rebel Kansas leader Luke Darcy dreams of a new independent Republic of Kansas. His vigilante group is called The Jayhawkers and their mission is to end slavery by force. However, Darcy uses The Jayhawkers for his own bid for absolute control of Kansas. Darcy's actions do not sit well with the military governor of Kansas, William Clayton, who wants Darcy captured and brought to justice. For this purpose the governor hires an ex-renegade rebel, Cam Bleeker, to join Darcy's group and capture their leader. Bleeker has a personal reason for wanting to see Darcy hanged. Darcy was responsible for Bleeker wife's death while Bleeker was in prison.

The Director and Players for The Jayhawkers (1959) 1080p

[Director]Melvin Frank
[Role:]Nicole Maurey
[Role:]Fess Parker
[Role:]Jeff Chandler

The Reviews for The Jayhawkers (1959) 1080p

Reviewed bytelegonusVote: 8/10/10

If you're going to watch a Jeff Chandler western, this is the one tosee. I'd hestitate to call it a masterpiece, but it's a damn good try.Produced and directed by the team of Norman Panama and Melvin Frank, itis a tale of conflicting loyalties, megalomania, love, hate and anumber of other issues I can't remember, in pre-Civil War Kansas on theeve of the Civil War. Star Jeff Chandler, who portrays themegalomaniacal but withal personally decent and charismatic bad guy, isquite good here. He had spent a decade in action pictures and romances,with an occasional comedy thrown in for good measure, and yet had notachieved major stardom. A mid-level star of the kind of medium grademovie that was going out of fashion, he was on the verge of becoming ananachronism; and had he not died a couple of years after this film onewonders what would have happened to him and his career. In TheJayhawkers he shows what he might have become: a fine, commanding,aristocratic character actor.

As the second-billed good guy, Fess Parker, fresh from his triumph asDavy Crockett a few years earlier, was attempting a mainstream,post-Disney career. Low-key and phlegmatic, and not without appeal, helacks the edge of a Mitchum that might have propelled him into the bigleagues, and is for the most part an uninteresting hero. Nicole Maureyis the incongruously Gallic love interest, and one can't help becurious as to why she was cast in this film. She was a lovely youngwoman, but way out of place here.

Loyal Griggs color photography is as good as his work in Shane, and farless mannered. The music of Jerome Moross is stirring and in its way asgood as anything Dimitri Tiomkin ever did. With its larger than lifegood-bad guy, and reasonable (for a movie) historical accuracy, thiscould have been a major film. The problem with it is that though Panamaand Frank were quite good at light comedy, they were inexperienced inthe western genre. Frank does a good, derivative job of drawing fromFord and Hawkes; and there are some breathtaking vistas. There is evena touch of Nicholas Ray in his creative and interesting use ofinteriors, especially the main hideout. And Chandler gives an at timesdaring performance, with occasional lapses into mild effeminacy in hisvocalizing and posture, his work is well-rounded and sophisticated,suggesting that his character's feeling for Parker is more than justfriendship. Alas, this daring aspect of the story is never gone intowith any depth or insight, and the result the movie is a near-miss, buta fascinating one.

Reviewed bybkoganbingVote: 4/10/10

The Jayhawkers maybe unique in the annals of screen history in that asa film with a Civil War era plot it makes absolutely no mention ofslavery. Nor are there any black people in this cast.

What we have here in ante-bellum Kansas is the story of Luke Darcy whoenvisions himself as starting some kind of fascistic territorialrepublic in the struggle for Kansas's loyalty. Jeff Chandler playsDarcy and he is a fascinatingly evil man with a great deal of charisma.

To bring him down military governor Herbert Rudley uses ex-renegaderaider Fess Parker. Parker and Chandler have a history and it involvesParker's late wife who Chandler ran off with and abandoned.

Parker's got ample reason to just shoot him down like a dog, but Rudleywants him alive to stand trial. Complicating things further is NicoleMaurey and her two kids who Parker's fallen for and then Chandler takesan interest when he sees her.

The story does get a bit silly at times, but the players are all doingtheir best. Henry Silva plays one of Chandler's raiders who has anincredible jealousy of Parker and a barely disguised gay crush onChandler.

Jerome Moross wrote the music score and it's lively and quickens thepace of this film. Fans of the Wagon Train series will recognize partsof the score as Wagon Train's theme.

The story of Kansas before the Civil War, usually with John Brown asthe protagonist has supplied the cinema with a whole range of films.The Jayhawkers with the charismatic, fascistic, but wholly fictitiousLuke Darcy is far from the best one ever done.

Reviewed byRobert J. Maxwell ([email protected])Vote: 6/10/10

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