The Snorkel (1958) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Snorkel (1958) 1080p

Although the police have termed her mother's death a suicide, a teenage girl believes her step-father murdered her.

IMDB: 6.92 Likes

  • Genre: Crime | Horror
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 11 / 16

The Synopsis for The Snorkel (1958) 1080p

Paul Decker murders his wife in her Italian villa by drugging her milk and asphyxiating her by gas. He cleverly locks the bedroom from the inside and hides inside a trapdoor in the floor until after the body is discovered by servants. He uses a scuba snorkel connected to tubes on the outside to breathe during the ordeal. Decker's stepdaughter Candy suspects him immediately, especially since no suicide note was found. She also is convinced that he murdered her father years before, but her accusations fall on deaf ears. The ruthless Decker even poisons the family spaniel when the pet takes too great an interest in the mask and realizes he will ultimately have to get rid of Candy too.

The Director and Players for The Snorkel (1958) 1080p

[Director]Guy Green
[Role:]Peter van Eyck
[Role:]Mandy Miller
[Role:]Betta St. John

The Reviews for The Snorkel (1958) 1080p

Should be a regular on the rerun circuit.Reviewed byKEITH-LANCASTERVote: 7/10

No one could portray the role of a villain with more skill than

Peter Van Eyck. This film was made for him and if you can overlook the obvious predictability of it you will be more than compensated by its more than average share of suspense. Dont miss it if it comes around again, you wont be disappointed.

EntertainingReviewed byadriangrVote: 7/10

Minor but entertaining Hammer thriller, not quite reaching the heights of other entries in their "psychological thrillers" ouevre, but still effective.

The film starts right off with it's main murderer on screen committing his evil deed, clearly establishing his (and the film's) gimmick of the snorkel used as an accessory to murder. So from the very beginning we know this is not going to be a whodunnit. What we have here instead here is a "who will find out" plot.

Once the opening credits have finished, the main plot of the film starts with the daughter of the murder victim feeling almost positive that she knows who is responsible for the deed but at the same time, unable to prove it, as nobody has been able to work out how the act was committed, and therefore the killer has got away with it. The more agitated the daughter becomes, the more the killer starts to see her as a threat to his freedom, and so a cat and mouse game starts to build as both try to outwit each other.

This sounds complicated, and it is, but the roles in the film are quite well defined. The killer is a creepy but charismatic older man, able to convince everyone that he is actually mourning his dead wife, and the "suspector" is a teenage girl who everyone thinks is just over imaginative. I could almost imagine William Castle making this film! The acting is very good, and it's all very British and proper. There are plot twists and the climax is clever and worth waiting for, although as a whole the film has dated somewhat. Quite hard to see now, seemingly only available on the Sony 6 film box set DVD "Icons of Suspense", which is worth a purchase due to it having 5 other hard to see Hammer thrillers. So "The Snorkel" gets a thumbs up from me.

Ms. ColumboReviewed bycabarbaroVote: 7/10

Hammer films are known for its horror movies, but there was a time when they made some fine thrillers like this, a delicious movie with the structure of a Columbo episode, only ten years in advance. With five minutes we know who is the murder and how he did it. From there on, we will suffer with a brave girl who, like the lieutenant, years later, knows from heart who the murder is, but, since the method he used is a clever one, eluding all around him, needs to solve the puzzle before the murder turns to her. No goofy moments here, the movie is truly watchable after all these years. It was not easy to find some years ago, but today you can find where to see it online with a quick research on the web.

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