The Werewolf and the Yeti (1975) 720p YIFY Movie

The Werewolf and the Yeti (1975)

Waldemar, the renowned adventurer, joins an expedition to find the Yeti in the Himalayas. While hiking the mountains, he's captured by two cannibalistic demon nymphets guarding a remote ...

IMDB: 5.42 Likes

  • Genre: Adventure | Horror
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 94
  • IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 6 / 9

The Synopsis for The Werewolf and the Yeti (1975) 720p

Waldemar, the renowned adventurer, joins an expedition to find the Yeti in the Himalayas. While hiking the mountains, he's captured by two cannibalistic demon nymphets guarding a remote Buddhist temple and becomes their sex-slave. They transform him into a werewolf setting him loose to roam the mountain where he encounters a sadistic bandit.

The Director and Players for The Werewolf and the Yeti (1975) 720p

[Director]Miguel Iglesias
[Director]Paul Naschy
[Role:]Silvia Solar
[Role:]Mercedes Molina

The Reviews for The Werewolf and the Yeti (1975) 720p

Here in Tibet are hidden mysteries and secrets.Reviewed bylastliberalVote: 6/10

Paul Naschy, the Spanish Lon Chaney, made 12 films as Waldemar Daninsky, and this video nasty is number eight. It was banned in Britain and never released there.

Here, he is after the Abominable Snowman, or Bigfoot as it is known in America, in Tibet. He stumbles into a sacred cave guarded by two sisters, who are also cannibals, and they use him for breeding. He kills them, but not before they turn him into a werewolf.

He begins roaming the mountain attacking the others in the hunting party. That's not the only thing they have to worry about as Sekkar Khan's (Luis Induni)bandits roam the mountain also.

The Werewolf is not all bad, as he saves Sylvia (Grace Mills) from being raped. Of course as Waldemar, he is in love with her.

After being captured by Sekkar Khan, they are at the mercy of the evil sorceress Wandesa (Silvia Solar). Will his curse allow him to save everyone? There will certainly be lots of nudity and torture before that happens! It was an enjoyable film with good music, and, yes, the Werewolf and the Yeti do meet and battle at the end.

Too silly to be offensive.Reviewed byBA_HarrisonVote: 6/10

If you've seen any of Paul Naschy's other 'hombre lobo' films, you probably have a pretty good idea of what to expect from The Werewolf and the Yeti—schlocky dialogue, hammy acting, Naschy once again sporting terrible wolf make-up, some sexy Euro-totty, and a bit of unrealistic bright-red gore. In short, a fun slice of very silly Spanish monster madness.

One can only presume, therefore, that it must have been one hell of a slow day at the office when the BBFC/DPP decided to stick The Werewolf and the Yeti on the Official Nasties list: the film has its unsavoury moments, as do most horror films, but there's nothing to warrant it being lumped with likes of genuinely disturbing flicks such as Cannibal Holocaust, Faces of Death and Gestapo's Last Orgy. Any violence or sadism in The Werewolf and the Yeti is handled in such a camp manner that it's almost impossible to take offence at.

Take the flaying of sexy young scientist Melody (the gorgeous Verónica Miriel) by evil bitch Wandessa (Silvia Solar), for example: the effects are so cheap and unrealistic that one cannot help but find the scene amusing, no matter how repulsive the idea. Likewise, the sight of one of the scientists impaled on a wooden stake (ala Cannibal Holocaust) is rendered laughable by the fact that he is not only still alive, but also capable of holding a conversation with our hero.

Also providing mucho unintentional chuckles: the scene where Naschy kills a pair of semi-naked werewolf/vampire/witch women (but only after having sex with them both, of course); the ridiculous fight between Naschy and dermatologically challenged bandit/warlord Sekkar Khan (Luis Induni); and the rousing finale, in which our hero, transformed into a drooling beast by the full moon, rescues his love Sylvia (Mercedes Molina) from the abominable snowman.

It's all utter nonsense, not at all scary and certainly not nasty enough to deserve being banned, but still worth a go if you're in the mood for a bit of a giggle.

Love this filmReviewed bydgordon-12Vote: 9/10

Werewolf vs. Yeti, cannibal vampire women. Maybe something got lost in the translation, but I really saw no sign of a plot. BUT I loved watching this movie! I would have given it a 10, but this movie has just turned me on what looks like thousands of other Spanish horror movies. I'm sure this CAN'T be the best! My quest begins now!!! There's something about the tone of this wacky 70s horror flick that is just missing from today's movies. I bet they had a hell of a lot of fun filming this movie. Today's movies take themselves so SERIOUS. I suppose if you've got millions of dollars riding on film, that demands seriousness. But I miss the days when making and watching movies was fun. Some may consider this a bad movie but there is no denying the fun.

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